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I departed at 4 PM, in a flurry of last-minute packings.

My ride to the airport was a very comfortable van just for myself. My driver, codenamed 28, kept requesting to speak with his buddy (or pal, or mistress) 32. After several calls, he found out that 32 wasn't going to be online that day, and settled for 12 instead. I found the whole affair rather cute.

Once at the airport, I met my dad for the last time. I was pleased to see that he hadn't betrayed me and brought my mom. Good man.

We had nothing to talk about, since everything had already been discussed; yet, we talked anyway, until time ran out.

I came on the plane to find that my seat had been taken. Luckily, the lady therein kindly conceded my ownership of the seat and moved to the adjacent one.

As the plane began to move, I began singing inspirational songs from musicals in my head. I have a dream / A song to sing... The swirling paths formed by the airport lights eventually coalesced into that one bright and hopeful landing strip. This is my quest / To follow the star / No matter how hopeless / No matter how far... Tremors shook the plane, intensifying second by second, until suddenly, they stopped all at once, and we were weightless. I'm flying high, defying gravity...

I will never forget the sight of my city from a bird's eye view. The city lights were spread out below me like a bright orange flower bed. Big and small. I am on my way.
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