Oct. 26th, 2014

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Sounds cute but it implies that the body generates the soul, assuming that a ghost is just the soul bodyless. But if you die right after being born and become a ghost... That's why it has to be "a lifetime". So either the soul exists from the very beginning or the body creates one automatically. Oh wait. Ghosts are basically the soul with memories and regrets and everything. So you need the lifetime to transform the soul regardless of where it comes from.
Of course ghosts are more than just the soul. The soul exists regardless of the state it's in and remains in existence even after the ghost has moved into the light.
But what if a baby is born, dies right after and leaves a baby ghost? Would that even be possible?
I guess?
Then a ghost is just a baby's soul, you don't even need a lifetime.
A newborn baby would have had a 9 month lifetime. They would have experienced things.
Then the soul arises at fecundation? So do abortions leave ghosts? Even ones performed by the morning after pill?
The soul is eternal, it exists since before conception.
Then when does it get inside the body? Moreover, does it need a minimum cooking time before it can become a ghost? That's what we need to know, in order to ascertain whether the body is an active agent, and therefore a ghost factory.
Maybe the ghost is proportional to the lifetime. Not all ghosts are equal.
Maybe the table is proportional to the floor. Maybe the hole is proportional to the cloud. We need units of measurement.
g = sc^2
Where s is lifespan? I hope c is not light speed because that would make for exponentially powerful ghosts.
As the speed of light increases?
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That's what you're implying: "exponentially". s is a linear coefficient, the only exponential here is c.
Oh yes. I was wrong. Anyway, the ghost here would exist since the very beginning. It just increases in kiloghosts as time goes by.
Well, while you're alive you're accumulating potential kiloghosts.
That's the thing, they're potential. Okay, I guess that sentence had internal coherence after all. I've been trying to find a fault in it but it all fits.
You have a point though. If g = sc^2 then the amount of kiloghosts increases really fast. Especially because s would have to be expressed in seconds since that's the SI unit for time. We'd need to measure g in petaghosts.
In a universe where this is a science, instead of wishing each other happiness or a long life, people would wish petaghosts on each other: "may you produce many petaghosts".
Petaghost long and prosper

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